Shenzhen west he security Equipment CO., Ltd. (Westhan safety & Equipment CO., Ltd) is specialized in magnetic locks, electric plug locks, door closers, door controller, attendance, fire door lock, parking lot, smart card read-write Equipment products such as research and development. Production sales and other one-stop service of high-tech enterprises, products refer to the international most advanced technology.
 A wide range of application and management, excellent performance, high quality service to win the favour of the public and supported. Our product sells live all over the world, and successfully applied to many fields, such as real estate, securities, telecommunications, transportation, finance and government agencies. Now products are other areas develop...
 We founded in 2006, ups and downs have passed 10 years time. Along the way with sorrow, loss, disappointment, joy, and success, but experience makes us grow!
 We are located in the world frontier coastal city (shenzhen). This window open to the world, hardworking people through it to show the world its own history and culture and wisdom to create. In the development of continuous innovation, exploration work wonders. Is where the west he alone day too thick environment create miracles!
 Our culture, take honestly as this, with optimal for wins, take quality as the letter, with gratitude for the return. Between the a bit for the achievements, especially the service start from details, communication from the heart beginning...